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Bas Kunnen V2.0

After releasing his debutalbum Lucid Dream early 2004 on his own label x-ceptional music and the following successful albumtour, Bas Kunnen decided late 2004 there had to be a big change. He wanted a new challenge he explained in different interviews. Not only his way of working, also his sound, look and live act were totally changed. Beside that, his studio was rebuild to a hypermodern digital laboratory.

Was he positioned late 2004 in the styles club, trance and techhouse, his new style is more between dance, electro, funk, soul and pop. Live he will no longer play solo; on structural basis he plays with several people. These include keyboardplayers, bass-players, drummers and vocalists. He wants to make the live act many times bigger and more spectacular.

In 2007 Bas releases his new albums "Back da Funk" and "Lucid Dream-the remixes".

Many productions and remixes followed, but in 2019 Bas decided he wanted to concentrate on 1 big project only the invest his time and energy. Since then he uses his band name "NRG".

Who is Bas Kunnen

Bas Kunnen (Weert, 29-01-1975) has always had a great passion for music. As a 5-year old he started his formal training as a classical pianist. As a teenager he was the drummer of the pop band "The Noisy Tools" and when he first heard the Prodigy’s “Out of space” he was instantly fascinated by dance-music. Bas started out as a DJ in local clubs, later as producer and music-publisher and finally as a successful live performer. In 2004 Bas started his label X-ceptional Music and put ourt several tracks and albums over the years.

Next to that Bas was a boardmember of the Conamus Foundation (now: BumaCultuur), Foundation Popmusic Limburg, presented radioshows (Radio Decibel) and works on a regular basis as talentscout, manager and advisor for new artists. The ADE Next, a program for starting DJs and producers during the Amsterdam Dance Event, is one of Bas's ideas during his boardmembership of the Conamus Foundation. Bas was teaching music production on the National Popacademy in Utrecht in 2010 and 2011 and on the Rotterdam Music Production Academy in 2021.

Bas as a producer

Bas got his first record deal in 1998 at Basic Beat Recordings . Other record deals followed, in 1999 at Dynamics Recordings and with his international hitrecord “Clubsystem” by the project Noisefloor in 2000 at Combined Forces Recordings . This song established Bas’ reputation as a producer in the dance-music Industry.

Noisefloor 's "Ultrawave" was released November 2001 on the Voltage-label of Virgin UK. This second single by Noisefloor, was well received.

April 2002, Bas' project with DJ Jeroenski "Artist Invisible" reached the eighth position in the Dutch dance charts. This song, Absolute, is a cover of "CLS's can you feel it" and is highly recommended and played by numerous DJ’s. Just a month after the release Japan signed this song exclusively.

The organization of the Limburg Love Parade approached Bas to write the theme songs for the 2002, 2003 and 2004 editions. So the songs “Back da Funk”, “Algorithm” and “Desire” evolved, whereas the last one was sung by former Close II You singer Nadja Nooijen. This track was "made" with over 74% on radio538 at the "Maak 't of kraak 't" show.

October 2002 the organization of the new Club “Vizion” asked Bas to write the theme for the grand opening on the 28th of November 2002.

From April 2004 Bas composed and produced music for the Shakespeare theatreproduction “Tempest”.

Since 2007 Bas works on a regular basis with DJ Idriss. By combining their different musical backgrounds, Bas and Idriss created their wellknown "Grande Vue"-sound.

In 2011 the project "NRG (v1) was setup with singer Stéphanie and MC I See. In 2012 the project was signed to the German label "Mental Madness Records"

In the period 2013 to 2018 Bas runs his labels X-ceptionalMusic, Earthshock Records, ESD Recordings, “Back to the ‘90’s”-label and Sunset Music Lounge.

From 2019 Bas runs his labels XCM Records and XCM Deep with UK based aggregator Music OK/Bacci Bros.

Also Bas is active as a producer and remixer for other artists and he worked with Fedde le Grand, Mark van Dale, Erik de Koning, Jeroenski, Peter Gelderblom, Benny Royal, Randy Colle, Vincent de Moor, Vengaboys, T-spoon, Dr. Kucho, Math North, Scooter, Paul Veth, Marco V., Benjamin Bates, RoBBert Corsten, Ronald Molendijk, and many more.

Bas as a live artist

Due to the success of music-productions during the year of 2000, Bas decided to work on the project "Noisefloor" live , which is a relatively new concept in the dance music industry. With the input of Steven Stephania AKA "Geronimo" the two men created a "total live concept".

Bas is not a DJ. He plays his uplifting self-composed dance-music live on stage, using special electronic equipment, at clubs, festivals, street-parties, tours and other events. His interaction with the audience, gives him the possibility to give the crowd exactly that what they want to hear at any given time.

In other words: Bas lets the audience decide what they want to listen and dance to. Play it loud!

The energy and feedback Bas gets from the crowd give him the ultimate high. The enthusiastic and spontaneous reactions by the audience, motivate Bas through the process, making his live performance a superb party for everyone.

Bas played live at: Respect Festival, Frequence (2001 en 2002), Overload, Crazyland, Radio 3FM, MTV, Escape Venue, Las Palmas, <O> Dance Theatre, Asta, Sweetvalley, Minitour Israel, Danssalon Eindhoven, Club Ik.

Bas played live with: Marcello, Marco V., Rank 1, Marcel Woods, DJ Jurgen, Mark van Dale, Eric de Koning, DJ Rogier, Joyce Mercedes, Joost van Bellen, Roog, Johan Gielen, DJ Jose, DJ Stephen, Erick E, Cor Fijneman, Dazzle, Fedde le Grand, Xpress 2, Benny Rodrigues, Lemon8, DJ Jean, Marcella and many more.

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