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XCM 25th anniversary party was a blast!

We are excited about our milestone party!

X-ceptional Music/XCM Records has celebrated it's 25th anniversary with a vinyl release and a DJ Roulette!
October 19th we organized a free event between 20:00 and 01:00 at NDSM Theatre during Amsterdam Dance Event.

At this event we released the milestone vinyl “Circles EP” presented by Vinyl Masterer Lex van Coeverden, a spectacular live performance by electronic liveband NRG! and various DJs.
The DJs do not play a standard set, but the audience decides by pressing the big red “DJ Roulette” button which DJ can play the next record.

Check the pics here: XCM25


XCM 25th anniversary vinyl: Circles EP

Bas Kunnen pres NRG! - Circles EP has been released!

Bas Kunnen presents his Electronic Liveband NRG's Vinyl EP Release.
The project is inspired by electronic live artists such as Underworld, The Prodigy, Orbital and Faithless.
Expect energetic waves, bold leaps: Raw, rhythmic, hard-hitting, but still warm and delivering intense and powerful sound!

The vinyl was released October 19 during Amsterdam Dance Event.
This release features 4 songs from NRG!, Analog Kitchen remix, Bram VanK and Northern Project and a high-quality digital download.

Here you can find more information about the record and hear bits:

You can order the record and t-shirt here:

Thanks for your support!

Circles EP

NRG! live new promovideo

We are super excited about the new NRG! promovideo!
What do you think?
Spread the word!

NRG! Live at Frontrunners Festival


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October 11:
NRG! liveset and radio interview
Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, NL

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