Newsletter 2023-02
XCM Records

XCM Records on tour:

XCM Records on tour
4 March we held the 25 years anniversary pre-party!
It was a great first edition with a liveshow of NRG! + ReTunez and DJs Sandroz, Bommel and Niccolo Vencedor b2b Dan McKinley! Videos and pictures were taken and will follow soon on our social media channels.
XCM Records om tour

Here you can check the teaser:
NRG!+ReTunez Promo

Albeda College Musician and producerday

Albeda College
NRG! was asked to do an electronic liveband workshop at Albeda Musician & Producerday 2023.
It was great to meet former and new students in the electronic genre.


XCM Records Soundcloud
From now on, all our releases are on Soundcloud.
Here you can find also the monthly mixes.
Have you checked Sandroz' 2022 mix yet?

XCM Records XCM Records | New releases

Cepheus1 - Cut d Mid-range
March 10
Cepheus1 - Cut d Mid-range

XCM Records


NRG Promo
Have you seen the NRG promovideo?
We are super excited about this video, spread the word!


Save the date:

May 25: NRG! Live at private party (TBC)
Delft, NL

October 2023:
Amsterdam Dance Event: XCM 25th anniversary/Vinyl releaseparty
More info soon!

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