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XCM Records on tour:

XCM Records on tour
4 March the 25 years anniversary pre-party is coming!
We organize a great appetizer for the big party in October, with a fantastic line-up.
There will be Dj sets by Sandroz, Bommel and a special back2back set by Niccolo Vencedor and Dan McKinley.
But the biggest show will be the liveset of NRG! + ReTunez: Live synthesizers, live drums, video and lightshow! You don't want to miss this!

DO you want a glimpse? Check the teaser:
NRG!+ReTunez Promo


XCM Records Soundcloud
From now on, all our releases are on Soundcloud.
Here you can find also the monthly mixes.
Have you checked Sandroz' 2022 mix yet?

XCM Records XCM Records | New releases

Fingerspitzen-Les jeux des enfants.jpg
January 27
Fingerspitzen - Les jeux des enfants.jpg

Marquee - Another way to love you
February 10
Marquee - Another way to love you

Lion House - Love yourself again
February 24
Lion House feat Nathan Brumley - Love yourself again

XCM Records


NRG Promo
Have you seen the NRG promovideo?
We are super excited about this video, spread the word!


Save the date:

February 18: Albeda Muzikant en Producer Dag
NRG Live Clinic, Albeda College, Rhoon/Rotterdam

February 22/23: Rehearsals New Live Show
NRG! + ReTunez rehearsals liveshows 2023
Public appearance Thu 23 Feb Talent stage Energiehuis

February 23:
NRG! try out liveshows 2023
Location: Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Dordrecht
More info soon!

February 25: NRG Live at Scratch98 radio
Bas Kunnen pres NRG! @ Scratch'98 (Radio try out)

March 04:
XCM Records on tour
Location: Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Dordrecht

May 25: NRG! + ReTunez Live at Conduct (TBC)
Eindhoven, NL

October 2023:
Amsterdam Dance Event: XCM 25th anniversary/Vinyl releaseparty
More info soon!

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