Bas as a live artist

Due to the success of music-productions during the year of 2000, Bas decided to work on the project "Noisefloor" live , which is a relatively new concept in the dance music industry.
With the input of Steven Stephania AKA "Geronimo" the two men created a "total live concept".

Bas is not a DJ. He plays his uplifting self-composed dance-music live on stage, using special electronic equipment, at clubs, festivals, street-parties, tours and other events. His interaction with the audience, gives him the possibility to give the crowd exactly that what they want to hear at any given time. In other words: Bas lets the audience decide what they want to listen and dance to. Play it loud!

The energy and feedback Bas gets from the crowd give him the ultimate high. The enthusiastic and spontaneous reactions by the audience, motivate Bas through the process, making his live performance a superb party for everyone. Bas played live at: Respect Festival, Frequence (2001 en 2002), Overload, Crazyland, Radio 3FM, MTV, Escape Venue, Las Palmas, Dance Theatre, Asta, Sweetvalley, Minitour Israel, Danssalon Eindhoven, Club Ik.

Bas played live with: Marcello, Marco V., Rank 1, Marcel Woods, DJ Jurgen, Mark van Dale, Eric de Koning, DJ Rogier, Joyce Mercedes, Joost van Bellen, Roog, Johan Gielen, DJ Jose, DJ Stephen, Erick E, Cor Fijneman, Dazzle, Fedde le Grand, Xpress 2, Benny Rodrigues, Lemon8, DJ Jean, Marcella and many more.

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