Dr. Funkenstein,

His real name is Rob Ronckers born and raised in the Netherlands.

It was in the 80's were he began to spin music in his hometown.

He soon found out that the electronic music preference began to get rather then all those rock-related influences.

His mind was more danceable set.

Yet not until the late 80's early 90's he began to obtain house after he made a visit to the IT in Amsterdam and he was no longer store away at the DJ and his way of putting two vinyl records together in a mix.

Here's where the house virus beaten him and he has bought two techniques mk2 turntables and oe oe oe the neighbors and parents are happy with that booming bass, but here the party started for him.

The influence of the 90s has stuck with him, the tasty bass lines, cheerful melodies and beautiful vocals have become the roots of his uplifting musical preferences.

This you will certainly hear in his set.

Now, in 2014, Dr. Funkenstein is still a DJ animal, his way of performing is very expressive, the passion for dj-ing and music radiates from him and is contagious.

Since a few years, he also produces and and his first release is a fact, just to indicate that Dr. Funkenstein is still a devoted house lover and wants to share it with all of you ...

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