@lex (Alex) van Bokhoven is a dutch electronic music producer based in Waalwijk.

Alex developped his sound from techno music with strange sounds and grooves in a more melow type of music: electro, dance and trance.

His first release was a remix made for C.J. Stone and Caba Kroll, an instand hit that soldout in just one weekend!

His passion for techno music is still recognizable in his productions. Fusing styles and combining raw elements makes his sound unique.

His first release on Earthshock Records is Intercity, an earthshocking dancefloor banger.

Alex's aliases are: @lex, Channel Zero, LecZ, and TimeQube.

Alex performed among artist as: Dj Fausto, Jochen Miller, Dark By Design and many more.

Watch out for more upcoming stunning productions from Alex!

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